Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Local Transport in Doha

Local transport is one of the most important needs of the locals as well as the people who come for vocational activities. The city of Doha in Qatar has a great transportation system and it provides a comfortable environment for travelling in different areas of the city. To make it more comprehensive, a huge expansion in the transportation system has been recently made in this city. The construction of new highways, a new airport and a bus network shows the importance of the transportation system in Doha.

People of all age groups are assisted by local transportation in Doha. Alternative modes of transportation are offered to the people travelling to industrial areas of the city so that they can reach such places in time for work. Buses are the most commonly used means of transport in this city. In 2005, modern buses for the general public were introduced in Doha by the company Mowasalat. The buses in Doha operate on various routes covering all the important places of the city. Karwa smart cards have been introduced now to pay the fee in an easy way. They are a substitute for using cash to pay the fare on all buses. These cards are rechargeable and can be bought at the bus station. The company Mowasalat also runs taxis and airport services in Doha. The local transport and the buses are mostly used by people who belong to lower-income groups as they are cheap and higher-income groups of Doha do not use local transportation much because they own their personal transport.

The Qatar Integrated Railway Project is another means of local transport in the city. This is a high-speed transport with the facility of carrying freight from one place to another. Railways are mostly used to travel long distances, usually from one city to another. Doha has some tourist attractions and people from all over the world come to visit Doha. For roaming the city and for reliable transportation book for Doha airport taxi here. Developing local transportation also helps tourists to visit the city comparatively cheaply.
The transportation system in Doha provides a relaxed environment for travelling and it’s being improved to expand it into a huge transportation network.

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